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Sales Director


 1. Coordinate with the manager in the implementation of development and marketing strategy; Make and execute the entire sales plan; Lead the team to achieve sales target within the assigned plan.

2. According to the marketing strategy and divisional mission index, to optimize the sales direction and process; Lead the team to achieve the sales goal and accounts receivable issues;

3. Establish the customer date base of Lighting industrial, and monitor different scopes of custom status and possible requirements;

4. Build up the professional sales team:  establish, complement, development and training;

5. Monitor the feedback and analysis of industrial development trend, competitive dynamics, different customer requirements etc.; Support for making Mid- and long-term strategic program;

6. Guide the product R&D and design from customer requirements and applications.


1,28-40 years old, college education or above, have good professional ethics and good conduct,  high comprehensive quality, excellent sales performance;
2, More than 5 years of commercial lighting or similar industry work experience; In the lighting industry project has a wealth of customer resource (Design Institute, lighting distribution, the total package,);
3, With a strong market development and sales skills; Form and lead the sales team experience and ability;
4, Good at communication and coordination, compression ability.

Work Location: Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 38051730     Contact email


Sales Manager


1. According to the potential customer information, to communicate properly, and understand and insight into the potential needs of the target customers, and timely feedback to the relevant personnel

2. According to customer needs,to communicate with target customers for budgets, design proposals, design concept, etc, and then manage to make the deal done

3. To communicate with customers, lighting designers, budgeters, and illumination dept, etc to meet their needs;

4. To collect marketing info and competing products info, main projects details and to feed back to our marketing dept.;

5. Salary: wage+commission+bonus+position allowance+life allowance+dividend


1, Marketing, project management, electronic information, integrated circuit design and other related major, college education and above;

2, with more than 3 years work experience in  commercial lighting or similar experience,  with  rich customer resources (Design Institute, lighting distribution, the project contract,) preferable;

3, outgoing, negotiating ability, good communication skills;

4, 26-35 years old, male or female.


Work Location: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen

Tel: 38051730

Contact E-mail:


Technical Director


1, mechanical, automation, mechatronics and other related professional, bachelor degree or above;

2, more than 10 years working research and development experience in lighting industry , also more than 5 years of personally served lamp design experience , should be very proficient and professional to the lamp structure, light distribution and very familiar with the installation of  lamps, more than 5 years team-management experience also need to be mentioned.

3, LED lighting, office lighting experience is preferred;

4, having a strong executive ability and management ability;

5, good integrity, strong sense of responsibility, dedication;

6, understood the ISO quality management system.


Work Location: Tianhe district, Guangzhou

Tel: 38051730

Contact E-mail:


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